Cyber Secure Coder (Exam CSC-210)

Course Length: 3 days

The stakes for software security are very high, and yet many development teams deal with software
security only after the code has been developed and the software is being prepared for delivery. As with
any aspect of software quality, to ensure successful implementation, security and privacy issues should
be managed throughout the entire software development lifecycle.
This course presents an approach for dealing with security and privacy throughout the entire software
development lifecycle. You will learn about vulnerabilities that undermine security, and how to identify
and remediate them in your own projects. You will learn general strategies for dealing with security
defects and misconfiguration, how to design software to deal with the human element in security, and
how to incorporate security into all phases of development.

In this course, you will understand, assess and respond to security threats and operate a system and network security analysis platform.
You will:

  1. Explain the importance of best practices in preparation for incident response
  2. Given a scenario, execute incident response process
  3. Explain general mitigation methods and devices
  4. Assess and comply with current incident response requirements.

This course includes hands on activities for each topic area. The goal of these activities is to demonstrate concepts utilizing two universal languages Python and Java Script. Developers who use alternate languages will be able apply the principles from the activities to any coding languages.

Hands on exercises are designed to keep the typing of code to a bare minimum. CertNexus provides students with all of the code they need to complete activities. The activities do not require a “deep dive” into code to understand the principles being covered.

This course is designed for software developers, testers, and architects who design and develop software in various programming languages and platforms, including desktop, web, cloud, and mobile, and who want to improve their ability to deliver software that is of high quality, particularly regarding security and privacy.

This course is also designed for students who are seeking the CertNexus Cyber Secure Coder (CSC) Exam CSC-210 certification.

This course presents secure programming concepts that apply to many different types of software development projects. Although this course uses Python®, HTML, and JavaScript® to demonstrate various programming concepts, you do not need to have experience in these languages to benefit from this course. However, you should have some programming experience, whether it be developing desktop, mobile, web, or cloud applications. Logical Operations provides a variety of courses covering software development that you might use to prepare for this course, such as:
• Python® Programming: Introduction
• Python® Programming: Advanced
• HTML5: Content Authoring with New and Advanced Features
• SQL Querying: Fundamentals (Second Edition)

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