AWS Certification Exam Vouchers


Need to certify a group? Make it easier with exam vouchers.

AWS Certifications can help you motivate your team and identify skilled professionals. 54% of IT decision makers report AWS Certified professionals better meet client requirements. 49% report they are more productive, and 44% say they are faster troubleshooters.

Exam vouchers make it easy to certify your team. Purchase online anytime, and then use a to efficiently distribute, track, and manage standard exam vouchers. Give candidates the convenience of using a voucher to pay for their exam. 

Why choose Melbourne International Graduate College to purchase your next training or exam voucher:  

  • Flexibility for you or your candidates to choose a testing provider (Choose Your Provider voucher)
  • Distribution capability to assign vouchers to multiple departments (or branches) or departments, so those administrators can manage distribution to their candidates
  • Epay which acts like a blanket PO or your own bank account for real-time purchasing and use of budgeted funds on your timeframe. 


Getting Started

It’s easy to get started. First, decide which is best for you.

Purchase online now if all of the following are true:

  • You are purchasing for yourself or a small, centralized group.
  • You have identified an exam delivery provider for each exam candidate.
  • You want to pay by credit card or wire/PO.


Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions and once again, welcome to MIGC Australia!



AWS Certification exam vouchers are priced as follows:

100 USD
Associate-level 150 USD
Professional-level and Specialty 300 USD

Taxes and fees apply. Refer to our FAQ for more information.



Why would I purchase exam vouchers?

AWS Certification exam vouchers are ideal for those who need to certify a group of individuals. They eliminate the need for individuals to pay for and expense the cost of AWS Certification exams. There are no minimums or maximums. You order via email list of vouchers via blanket PO to Melbourne International Graduate College.

Are exam vouchers applicable to beta exams, which are discounted?

No, exam vouchers are not applicable for beta exams.

Can exam vouchers be applied to other AWS services besides certification (e.g., applied to fees for classroom training or AWS services)?

Exam vouchers can only be used as payment for AWS Certification exam registrations with AWS Certification exam delivery providers Global/Australia wide or at Melbourne International Graduate College under Pearson VUE and PSI testing center.

When do vouchers expire? How long are they good for?

AWS Certification exam vouchers purchased from Melbourne International Graduate College for PSI and Pearson VUE expire 12 months after purchase. Vouchers cannot be extended past their expiration date. Exams registrations must be scheduled, paid for, and taken before the exam voucher expiration date.

Who is MIGC Australia? Why is AWS vouchers sold by them?

MIGC Australia i.e Melbourne International Graduate College uses a learning exchange system for selling and tracking a diverse set of learning products from many providers. With the launch of a second certification exam delivery provider, AWS Training and Certification we sought to provide our customers and exam candidates with a centralized, service to efficiently purchase, distribute and manage vouchers valid for all AWS Certification exams for use at any Pearson VUE or PSI exam delivery center worldwide.

Can I resell exam vouchers?

Yes, exam vouchers can be resold. You can establish yourself as a tax-exempt reseller, so you do not have to pay taxes/VAT on exam voucher purchases. To get set up with tax-exempt status, submit the required information via a support ticket to MIGC Australia.

How do I buy exam vouchers?

The new AWS Certification exam voucher marketplace is hosted by a third-party company, and provides a service to efficiently purchase, distribute and manage vouchers valid for all AWS Certification exams for use at Pearson VUE or PSI testing center worldwide.

AWS does not sell exam vouchers directly to customers and partners. Get started by selecting the Buy exam vouchers now button above.

Please note that the MIGC Australia site and purchase confirmation emails are in US English.

What exam vouchers are available to purchase?

You can purchase AWS Certification exam vouchers by level for any corresponding exam; you do not have to specify the exam. Choose Foundational-level, Associate-level, and Professional-level or Specialty exam vouchers. You cannot buy practice exam or beta exam vouchers through Melbourne International Graduate College.

How do I choose the right vouchers?

When purchasing vouchers, you have two main choices: exam level and the exam delivery provider option.

1. Exam level: AWS Certification exam vouchers are sold by level for any corresponding exam; you do not have to specify the specific exam. Choose from Foundational-level, Associate-level, and Professional-level or Specialty. Review the exams for each level and purchase the corresponding voucher(s) for the exam level(s) you need.

2. Exam delivery provider option and locations: You may select a specific exam delivery provider, either Pearson VUE or PSI, at the time of exam voucher purchase, or you may select the “Choose your provider” option. The “Choose your provider” option is only available by request and has to be enabled for your Invoice by MIGC Australia. Contact MIGC Australia before buying exam vouchers to enable the “Choose your provider” option.

  • If you purchase Pearson VUE or PSI designated vouchers, you are making the exam delivery provider choice for the voucher recipient. Voucher recipients will receive their code directly in email to schedule their exams at one of the locations for the specified exam delivery provider. Once purchased, PSI vouchers cannot be exchanged for Pearson VUE vouchers and vice versa. This is a good purchase option if you have a preferred exam delivery location that is convenient for all candidates. Unsure if there are convenient locations? Check Pearson VUE and PSI for exam center locations.
  • If you purchase “Choose your provider” exam vouchers, voucher recipients will have a choice between Pearson VUE and PSI. To select their preferred exam delivery provider, recipients must contact MIGC Australia to select either Pearson VUE or PSI and claim their voucher code. (Because the MIGC Australia site and emails are only in US English, you may not want to select this option, if recipients are not fluent in English.) This is a good option if you are planning to certify a group fluent in English that is geographically dispersed, and you are unsure of where the candidate will choose to take their exam. This purchase option is only provided on request. Contact MIGC Australia before buying exam vouchers to enable the “Choose your provider” option.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of vouchers I can purchase?

There is no minimum or maximum. Customer purchases are only limited based on available funds, such as a credit card limit or bank account balance for wire transfers. Voucher purchases of 250 or more in a single transaction qualify for a discount of 5%

Is a credit card required to purchase a voucher? How else can I pay?

Payments may be made in three ways:

  1. Credit card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB are accepted. Credit card payments are subject to a 3.99% processing fee.
  2. Wire/PO: Be sure to select the option to purchase “for multiple people” when purchasing. A $20 USD flat wire fee per transaction applies. Vouchers are provided after funds clear.
  3. Prepaid funds: This payment option requires establishment of an invoice. The customer will complete a one-time purchase agreement with MIGC Australia

Payments via credit card and wire require the one-time acceptance of an online or over the phone

Which countries can I buy vouchers from?

Please contact MIGC Australia if you are located outside ANZ region.

Can I make purchases in currencies other than USD?

Yes. While prices are shown in USD, credit card purchases can be settled in local currencies and are subject to all required taxes and fees. Wire payments and prepaid funds must be made in converted equivalent AUD for listed USD price.

Are there taxes and fees?

Taxes/VAT are calculated based on the bill to the location of the purchaser. You can establish yourself as a tax-exempt reseller and avoid paying taxes/VAT by submitting a support ticket to MIGC Australia. This process typically takes about five business days to validate reseller status and complete setup as a tax-exempt account.

All credit card purchases are charged a 3.99% credit card processing fee. All wire payments are charged a flat $20 USD fee.

If I want to buy a practice exam voucher, or if I already have one, which vendor can I use it with?

Though practice exam vouchers are not available for sale via MIGC Australia, they may be purchased directly from, and redeemed by, PSI. Please contact PSI for instructions on how to purchase practice exam vouchers. Please note that these practice exam vouchers are non-transferable and only redeemable at PSI. Practice exam vouchers are not available for purchase from Pearson VUE.

Do I need to determine where exams have to take place at the time of voucher purchase?

You do not have to choose a location or time. Exam candidates enjoy the flexibility of choosing the most convenient location and time when completing the exam registration process. However, we welcome students to take the exam at our locations anytime.


Can exam vouchers be returned for a credit or refund?

Returns and refunds are not accepted. AWS Certification exam vouchers are purchased at an exam level—not for specific exams—which provides greater flexibility. For example, if you want 10 of your employees to take exams for Associate certifications, simply buy 10 Associate-level vouchers. They may then choose which certification exam they would like to take within the Associate certification level (either the Solutions Architect, Developer, or SysOps Administrator exam). You don’t have to know ahead of time who will take which specific Associate exam.

How do I find help with buying an exam voucher?

If you are having problems with the online/phone or via Invoice purchasing experience at MIGC Australia, you can submit a technical support ticket to MIGC Australia

Can I buy AWS Certification exam vouchers through the AWS Console or AWS Marketplace and be billed for them alongside AWS Services?

No, AWS does not sell vouchers directly. Vouchers must be purchased through a third-party company.

Is there bulk pricing for buying quantities of vouchers at a time?

Yes, voucher purchases of 250 or more in a single transaction qualify for a discount of 5%.

How do I submit an account creation request for free enterprise features?

Please contact MIGC Australia Sales via to get started.

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